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(although i already read about it anyway) Love the actors that played the young leads in here.. On a rainy day I chose to watch I Miss You because I was curious about Park Yoo Chun and Yoo Seung Ho, both of whom I knew only now.I'm impressed with the acting of the three main characters with Yoon Eun Hye. OMG i dont know how many times t watched this film. I alway hope i can see Harry again once day so i alway follow Seung Ho he he. Please I remember watching this for like a year ago, and I did not like this drama. Being a villian but iam very impresived with Harry.On 5th May on the recent broadcast episode of Running Man, grown up child actor Yeo Jin Goo was invited as one of the program's guest.Yeo has been busy filming and wrapping up the hit SBS sageuk drama 'Jackpot- Daebak' with fellow actors Jang Geun Suk and Choi Min Soo.But upon finding out Jin Goo has a change in heart to Ha Young from A-Pink, Hyo Sung turns out disappointed.Instead of apologizing, Jin Goo requested a meal from Hyo Sung which took her by surprise and she flatly said he's indeed a funny guy... The poor boy actually freezes to a point when he joined his mission with girl group TWICE for the ripping tag mission.

And then he lost his mind with the chairman's wife and locking up Zoe (LSY) who watched the entire scene.

For all the bad news I read about Yoo Chun, I still give him credit for acting in this drama. Yoo Seung Ho is younger but he effectively played his role, even gaining my sympathy as his character was shown through every episode. Well, not all can be lucky in love because three is always a crowd. I finished watching this drama yesterday and i'm still just coming to terms with the way it all ended for Harry.

It made me reflect on how some people leave the right path just because no one loved and understood them. Jung Woo who waited for 14 years still loved to the very end. To be honest, I think the writer gave him the best possible way to end.

From then, I knew however much I like his character and understand how hurt he is that there is no way he'll get out of it, talkless of ending up with Zoe!

I completely agree with the overall theme of the drama, it's better to forgive and move on or at least pretend to forget and move on rather than embarking on a revenge mission against all the people that have hurt you.

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Soo-Yeon (Yoon Eun-Hye) is now a rookie fashion designer who tries to have a bright personality, but still carries emotional scars inside of her. Another minus is the age gap between them which I find is very cringy.

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