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Children are always the subject of ridicule but when you have skin the color of p.m., you are exposed to a different type of mockery.

The boys did not find me cute and the girls thought they were better than me.

After two chance meetings at professional conferences, and one virtual meet up when I waded back into the sea of online dating, we finally had our fourth date. Online dating has allowed me to meet and experience all kinds of men.

He was waiting for me in a booth overlooking the ocean. I just wasn’t prepared for that, or anything that might come after. And although we aren’t still together, it was a good start to owning my new life as a single woman, enjoying a date, or a serious relationship (or two) without the baggage of expectation. I never learned that you could have a good time with someone without a lifetime commitment.

So when I left them, their egos were extremely bruised.

When someone views you that way, it is quite evident in their actions.

Little did they know, this dark skin chick doesn’t have the bad habit of not texting back and I do not give my attention to everyone who tries to catch it.

We recommend that you go back and give your marriage another try. e Harmony, the Great Aunt Josephine of dating sites. I was devastated, and more than a little annoyed at Aunt Jo. I was working full-time and still had a teen-ager at home. My ex still lived in the same town, and, well, it just seemed a little complicated. I’m tall and slender, with long legs (an asset) and tiny breasts (definite liability).

Maybe I came across as too strong and too competent.

I had to learn from every encounter and the encounters of my fellow sisters. One thing I learned from dating “the brothers” is that many of them feel as though dating me is a badge of some form of consciousness and mental elevation. Around my sophomore year in high school there was this stereotype that light skinned girls were “Hollywood,” they “‘didn't text back “ and we're extremely high maintenance in their relationships.

They feel as though dating me means they're not shallow like other guys and that they are above the Eurocentric beauty standard conditioning. Soon enough, more people began showing love publicly to us of darker skin.

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