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The most crush worthy is Ari Melber.[quote]Only complaint, he can really interrupt people at times without letting them finish the answer to the very question he just asked.

I think part of it is Matthews knows what the rest of their answer is going to be and so (A) doesn't have the patience to wait for their equivocating response, (B) he's bored with the response and is already on the next question, or (C) he thinks the response is full of shit and begins repeating the question until a real answer is given.

And she can be a bit on the defensive when it comes to Feminism/SJWisms, but overall love her and never miss the show.

Say what you want about Chris Matthews, but he doesn't let people get away with talking BS and has a sense of humor as well. Very handsome and has a very proper Anchor-vibe, but doesn't come across as particularly innovative, clever or intellectual like some others. She actually pushes back on her guests when they're peddling bullshit and she flat out calls them out on it.

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He has meltdowns, he can be funny and at times charming. I love Joy and I'm glad they have finally given her her own show, even if it is one of the weekend morning things. The way she held Trump's feet to the fire over that hacking thing was wonderful The things I would do to Soboroff..... One time I caught him yelling at karen Finney of all people. I'll co-sign you, r48, Scooter Kornacki is practically giddy when the Repubs make a point, he's clearly in their corner.

Joe S used to take part in election night coverage, but has not maybe since 08MSNBC would have put Joe on Presidential coverage back in 2008, but he and Olbermann (who was the star of the network back then) were at all-out war.

They HATED each other, and probably would have gotten into a physical fight, had they been on the same set.

Except that Joy doesn't talk fast - she just talks over people. She never smiles, and she has a very bitchy attitude. I've seen him literally chew out several Democrats when he doesn't like what they have to say.

And I will once again pledge allegiance to Lawrence Mc Donnel. He at times was obnoxious as hell, but I was often ready to drop to my knees for his potentially skranky ol cock, just to thank him for being so blunt and not giving a fuck that he was overstepping journalistic boundaries that others tread too lightly around. MSNBC performed better than CNN in the ratings during the month of August, so you're actually incorrect, R17. I was hoping Kasie Hunt batted for our team, but sadly not. He only comes alive when he's referencing historical political data and anecdotes of past election cycles.

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