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This is consistent with many of the gardens of Kyoto temples – Zuiho-in, Kohrin-in, Oubai-in, Daisen-in, Tofukuji temple, Ryogen-in and Taizo-in. A corner is turned; a path is taken; a threshold is crossed.

At Ryōgen-in, a small enclosed stone garden called Kodatei lies under the eaves of the study.

In contrast, the least fully rendered sounds are the most promising, in that they have not been fully expressed, , by the instrument in question, whether zither string or voice.

The seemingly endless succession of small dishes that form the experience of shojin ryori are not bland in the sense of being indistinguishable or boring.

The look of them as diminutive sculpture is so striking and their taste so delicate that they leave what Jullien calls “the leftover tone, the ‘lingering’ or ‘leftover flavour’ () [evoking] a potential, inexhaustible value . .” But another important aspect of shojin ryori is its relationship to time.As Ilan pointed out, Wolff never intended his Pit to be actually made.Like a lot of things, post-Fluxus, it was an indication of potential (political as much as anything) rather than an imperative. Access to Toop Vault requires VIP registration, which you can quickly do here. Sign-in Our Client Concierge team is ready to steer you in the right direction and make connections for you.Toop Vault properties are not available on any other website. If you don't know where to start or need assistance at anytime throughout your journey with Toop&Toop, Client Concierge is there for you.

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