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If I didn't know better, I'd say there was naquadah nearby. I barely understand why you let him hold you back like this, but he's a good CO.""Yes. And his heart's in the right place.""It must be a relief to not be in the same chain of command any more.""I miss my old team. The General and I have a professional relationship. And suddenly this song popped into my fron and is stuck on replay.'If you're tired and you can't sleep, Just count your blessings instead of sheep, And you'll fall asleep, Counting your blessings.'Stupid thing is, it's about 6 months 'til Christmas, and I haven't seen my Mom's favourite Christmas movie in about seven years, after I introduced Cassie to it. What would she have thought about Shenanigan and Carter.

I've got a plane to take you to your destination in an hour. My escort leads me to the centre of the field and I look around in confusion as a familiar feeling runs down the centre of my spine. Looks like she finally learned some patience."He'll let us work when it's crucial Hailey.""I'd almost forgotten what it's like to be under his command. "Well, no, I didn't.""Ma'am, if you don't mind me saying so, get a room and get it done.""It's not that easy." Some days I really wish it was, but this isn't a fairytale. It all started about 4 hours ago, when I caught Carter and Hailey still working at hours. About the Doc…I often wonder what the Doc thought about the whole me and Carter situation.

The more things change, the more some things stay the same. Later tests have revealed that the on board camera has flawed focusing which will give poor picture quality. You did promise General Landry you'd have us back in two hours.""Hear that Carter? Like these ship couldn't circumnavigate the planet in a quarter of that time.

""Let's get this show on the road." I quip waiting for his reply, and I'm not disappointed."There is no road required Colonel Carter."I laugh and thank the General silently for doing this. After a few moments of enjoying the rush, I ask quietly. And it just so happened that Space Monkey and T were the only ones available.""Yes sir.""Don't listen to a word he says Sam. Including hauling us back early from off-world.""Daniel." Growls the voice of the General and I laugh softly. The Deep Impact probe entered safe mode, indicating a potential problem after launch on January 12.

It is most agreeable to see you again." Greets Teal'c and there is a subtle smile tugging at the corner of his lips."Hey Teal'c. It's definitely good to be a General if it means she's gonna smile like that more often. I watch as she turns away from me and climbs down backwards from the cockpit of her ship. I mean you guys must get the occasional weekend.""This is the first time I've seen the guys in the month since my reassignment.""But you went up to the Cabin before that? I think Hailey and I have been having two very different conversations. Danny boy hates musicals and was pretending to watch it while Carter and the Doc were getting slightly misty eyed over the Old Crooner's song.

If you can tear yourself away from your fascinating doohickeys for that long, of course? And there's that machine from P8Z-483 that SG-6 brought back last week that I've been itching to get my hands on."Carter? A familiar whine reaches my ears as an X3-301 swoops down and hovers expertly right beside us, before lowering gently to the ground. I scramble up the ladder the second the ship touches down."Colonel Carter. " I hear the yell as we both accelerate at the same moment, leaping forward like a cheetah sighting its prey. hours Jack's POVAs we touch down side by side on the Prometheus' docking bay in high orbit around Earth, I can see she's still got that big honking smile on her face. The good old days when it was just the four of us against whatever System Lord was against us this time.""But this new arrangement you've worked out has it's perks right? The four of us relaxing, playing around.""You mean to tell me, that after eight years of being under the man and all that tension, you haven't even…"Oh. That's all.""But you didn't marry that cop I heard about, right? I remember Cassie and Teal'c sitting there, glued to the screen.

Only one man can give me Goosebumps like this, just by talking on the phone.

If I was to make a note of all the times it happens, I'm sure the odds against it would be almost astronomical."Carter." I answer."Hey Carter. "On the other hand, some people are worth being interrupted for.

Or the Earth would be hit by a big honking space rock that'd wipe out the world. But as Carter like's to say, everything is relative. Nothing is going to be able to wipe the grin of my face for weeks after this."Are you prepared? "My co-pilot lifts us off the ground and we shoot off like a bullet from a gun. And somebody's gotta take 'em back after we're done. " I answer, strapping in and doing a quick pre-flight out of habit. Sir." I take a moment to look out over at my guys in the other ship. After all, you and I have both got to log some time piloting an aircraft or risk losing our licences right? "The General didn't tell me you'd be picking me up.""He believed you would enjoy a surprise.""Absolutely! The General did arrange this after all."Hey Carter." Comes his soft voice over the airwaves."Daniel. It's so good to see you." I'm tempted to lean in and give him a hug, but I know it will only embarrass him so I settle for touching a hand on his shoulder as I stow my gear and climb in. I suppose I shouldn't be surprised as a second X3-301 comes up beside us. And this position does things to my libido that will not be going in my final report.

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