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After all, God didn't create only angels; He also created people.

Physical attraction is important in marriage, but the Church teaches that it develops and increases naturally and is based more on spiritual intimacy than on whether someone looks like a supermodel.

For most of us, it's too difficult to be alone in this world; there are too many temptations that are too difficult to fight.

For this reason, God has ordained two equally holy paths for us to travel: The path of monasticism, which is a communal life (men or women living together as brothers or sisters), and the path of marriage, in which men and women live together as husbands and wives.

Although it's not right to judge others or to withhold Christian love from them on account of their worldly qualities or lack thereof, it's okay to use discretion in terms of selecting someone who'll fit well into whichever parts of the worldly life are most important to us.Marriage is meant to have a mutually corrective spiritual influence, to give holy support to both partners in their struggle toward their common goal of attaining salvation.If a husband and wife have different beliefs about salvation and its necessary precursors, then marriage only makes the spiritual struggle more difficult. It's basic common sense: If a particular characteristic is important enough to look for in a mate, then that same characteristic (or its counterpart) should important enough to cultivate in oneself.In New Testament times, the focus of marriage was switched from a primary purpose of producing children, to a primary purpose of providing a way for human beings to save their souls.The wedding ceremony itself is filled with rich symbolism that makes this whole aspect of marriage very clear.

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The same can be said for having an active dedication to prayer, for observing the fasts, for reading spiritual books, and so on.

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