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Hence, to achieve full Kannada editing capabilities on your linux system this way, you should have both the m17n backend and the SCIM frontend. Download the m17n libraries and database sources (Version 1.2.0) from here Alternatively, Fedora Users can install source rpms from here Install both the libraries and databases. Go to the library source directory in the terminal and logged in as root 2.

Type './configure' and then 'make' and 'make install' 3. Alternatively, Fedora users can download it from here Install the m17n-SCIM in a similar fashion.

Of all distributions, Mandrakelinux has the best support for Kannada out of the box.

Full fonts with Office 2000 If you have Microsoft Office 2000 and newer versions, you can get the Arial Unicode MS font, which is the most complete.

Free: Wikipedia user Nicholas Shanks has modified the Kedage font to run on Mac OS X, and created an INSCRIPT‐based keyboard layout. Nicholas has also provided a 1.3Mb download of Apple's new Indic AAT fonts. Commercial: A company called Xeno Type Technologies has been selling a Kannada language kit for several years.

It includes one font, with more in development, and comes with two keyboard layouts, one QWERTY‐like and one based on INSCRIPT.

Despite the title of the document, the instructions will apply to all sites and content which use Unicode.

If you have further questions or distribution specific issues for which the solutions are not listed below, you can post onto the discussion forums at [೧].

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