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Charges & Results: Assault on Family/Household Member – Not Guilty Threat to Commit a Crime – Not Guilty Vandalize Property – Not Guilty Assault & Battery on Family/Household Member – Not Guilty On September 22, 2014, shortly after midnight, a woman informs her husband, an off-duty Police Officer, that their neighbors are fighting out on their lawn.

He comes to the window and observes a physical altercation between the parties.

She further states that the husband had threatened to destroy the home.

A non-related roommate, who together with her child also live at the residence.

Once again, the mother and our client admonished the 7 year old, explaining that she could not enter the couple's bedroom without knocking.

They again informed the child that should this behavior continue that she would be punished with a "spanking with the belt".

The husband is handcuffed and taken into custody for the above charges.The mother and her fiancé (our client) explained to the little girl that she was not allowed to enter the bedroom without knocking and that if she did so again, she would be punished with a "spanking with the belt".The child left the bedroom only to return several minutes later in the same fashion.10 witnesses who work at the group home testified for the Commonwealth.However, attorney Casale was able to limit the admissible evidence of the Commonwealth, effectively stripping away all potentially incriminating evidence from the Commonwealth's case.

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