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La programación de esta emisora es confiable, veraz, esperanzadora, amigable y cultural, con la información de actualidad y entretenimiento de variedad durante las 24 horas a través de su frecuencia modulada.

After a month and a half in Ecuador it’s time to head south to Peru, but I wouldn’t feel right about leaving without giving you the other side of Ecuadorian beauty, beyond the country’s incredible landscape, culture and cuisine.

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En esta aplicación encontraras una nueva opción para los amantes de radio Kuwait.

Dayallana Passailaigue – Long name, amazing results.

Dayallana lives in Quito and is known as an accomplished athlete, model and popular host on Ecuadorian TV, Ecuavisa and “Asi Somos”.

Findings: Guayaquil produces the hottest women and they all seem to have been Miss Ecuador at some point and they all have nicknames (leave a comment if you actually read this part).

Without further ado, here’s my completely biased list of the hottest women in Ecuador, enjoy responsibly. Fernanda Cornejo – Maria Fernanda Cornejo Alfaro is a professional model from Quito who was the first Ecuadorian women to reach such a level of beauty that she was named Miss International 2011. She breaks the top 10 list because I think she’s super sexy for managing to shed her hot image to play a character which turned out to be a classic figure in Ecuadorian television.

This App is the simplest and fastest application for free Features: * Search and share a radio with your friends * Representation of the currently playing music info and album art display * Ability to work in the background * Easy access with notification * You can listen: * Club music * Party music * Radio trance * Deep house music * Dance music and more!For this list I received “insight” from our cooks at the Monkey Rescue Center, computer technicians at the Mac store, Ecuadorian friends in Quito, Baños and Cuenca and even a few bartenders, waitresses and hostel workers along the way.While Ecuadorian women didn’t provide the same neck-whipping-double-takes on the streets as often as the ladies of Colombia and Argentina, there were a few diamonds in the rough that could hang with anyone.She was born in Guayaquil and has lived most of her life in Duran, Ecuador, a small city in the Guayaquil metro area. She studied journalism and Communications in Chicago and Nebraska before joining CNN radio and then CNN Spanish News. María Elisa Camargo – This one is kind of cheating because Maria has Colombian parents and become famous in Colombia, but she was born in Guayaquil, Ecuador so we’ll let it slide.She’s tall, beautiful and has been winning beauty pageants for years, including Queen of the World in Germany, Miss Renella, Queen of the Fae, Sovereign of Duran, Miss Ecuador and now Top 10 Miss Tourist2Townie 2011-12. Domenica Saporiti – Domenica was also born in Guayaquil, won Miss Ecuador 2008 and has went on to become a TV presenter. I guess Miss Ecuador and Miss World Ecuador are two different things? She has since left CNN and presented the news for ‘Televistazo’ before joining Alfredo Pinoargote on ‘Direct Contact’ in Ecuador. Like Maria Rivadeneira, Estefani tops the list because her beauty is matched by her ambition and intelligence. Her first moment in the spotlight was on the Colombian version of X Factor and has since gone on to act in Colombian telenovelos (soap operas), 2.

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