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BUKU YANG LENGKAP TERSEDIA BAGI YANG BERMINAT HUBUNGGI LIWAT KOMENTAR(COMMENT) DI WEB BLOG INI s ORRY FOR THE UNEDITED ARTICLES BELOW, I DID TO PROTEC T AGAINST THE COPY WITHOUT PERMISSSION Driwancybermuseum Homeoffic Copyrught @ Dr Iwan suwandy, MHA 2013 Forbidden to copy without written permission by the author PENGANTAR Setelah melakukan penelitian selama kurun waktu empat puluh tahun dari tahun 1973 ampai 2013 akhirnya saat ini telah ditemukan informasi dengan ilustrasinya yang cukup lengkap yang berhubungan dengan sejarah Indonesia .Saya telah berhasil mengumpulkan sebuah koleksi sejarah Indonesia yang merupakan salah satu koleksi terbaik dan terlengkap didunia,kendatipun sebagian ada yang telah dijual kepada kolektor lain tetapi ilustrasinya dan informasinya ada dalam buku ini Penelitian ini dapat diselesaikan berrkat bantuan dari beberapa teman seperti keluarga almarhum Soewil, Pak Cong , teman-teman di Sumatera barat yang banyak membantu saya dalam mengumpulkan koleksi dari Sumatera Barta, Herry Hutabarat , Aris siregar , teman di Medan,dan Jakarta yang bnayak memberikan dorongan kepada saya untuk menyelesaikan penelitian ini yang sangat penting bagi generasi mendatang .look my vintage photo with mother Diana lanny and father Djohan Oetama at Bukittingi West Sumatra 1955, my father passed away in 1985 and my mother just passed away in june 2011 at 91 years old. Between 1960-1963, during study at Don Bosco high school I had started collected beside stamps all type of informations collections due to my Teacher Frater Servaas told me that I must collected the Informations due to the develping the satellite which made the globalizations which the growing of world cmmunications will became fast and no border between the nations countries, who have the Information he will became the leader and the King in communications, thank you Frater Servaas your info which made me could built the very best informations communications uniquecollection blog in the world.Look at in memoriam Frater Servaas with my teacher at Frater middle school in memrian Frater Eric at my House during my Sister Erlita 17th years birthday in 1963.This special collections were built dedicated to my Sons,especially the histrical fact from my vintage books collections as the rememberance what their father collected and I hope they will keep this beautiful and histric collections until put in speciale site in the Cyber Museum. The rare ceramic collections (5.) The Unique label collectins (6.) The Travelling Unque collections (now changed as the Adventures of Dr iwan S. The Tionghoa Unique Collections (8.) The Asia Unique Collections (9.) The Africa Unique collections (10). (3) The Indonesia Independence War 1945,1946,1947,1948,19. I also built a amizing collections due to my premium member prefered, like The Indonesia Revenue Collections from 19th to 20th century, the mysteri of the Indonesian vienna Printing Stamps, the China Gold Coins, The Rare Chian imperial ceramic design foun in Indonesia, The Tionghoa (Indonesia Chinese Overseas collection), Penguasa Wanta di dunia(Women in Leaders) etc. At Least thankyou verymuch to all the collectors who have visit my blog and support me, my last prestation in June 2011 (26 years from the first starting to built the e-antique or uniquecollections info in internet) : (1) hhtp:// Jakarta October 2013 Greatings from teh founder Dr Iwan Suwandy, MHA Indonesia History Collections 1945 The Dai Nippon Occupation java History Collections In 1945 Created By Dr Iwan Suwandy, MHA Private limited E-BOOK IN CD-ROM EDITION Copyright @ 2013 1945 The camp ‘4 & the 9th Battalion ‘ located north of the railroad that goes through Bandung. In the area of ​​about 2000 m2, are a number of (sub-) public houses and barracks, intended for the alloy of approximately 2,500 people.I hope all the collectors all over the world will help me to complete the collections, frm Asia I donnot have the cover from Bhutan, Mongol, Tibet, and the stamps I have complete from that countries except my thematic bridge on the river kwai from Myanmar and Thailand. In the years of 2000, I was retired from my job this is my official profile just before retired. Driwancybermuseum : visit 60.000, the highest per day 3200. It is bordered by the Gedong Delapan, the Bataljonsweg, the Kampementsweg and Stationsweg, also the street names that Bandung has traditionally been a camp. (P/Meulenbroek) 1945 Kamp ‘4 & Batalyon-9 ‘ terletak di utara rel kereta api yang melewati Bandung. Di daerah sekitar 2000 m2, sejumlah (sub-) publik rumah dan barak, ditujukan untuk paduan sekitar 2.500 orang.Swap Your Kawasaki with A New Engine Repower your Scag, Exmark, Gravely, Toro, Lesco, or other commercial walk-behind mower with a BRAND NEW Briggs and Stratton 17.5 horsepower engine. Pro Green Plus can service all brands of ATV’s including John Deere Gators!Here is an example of one that we just finished servicing this week.

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Pertempuran ini juga dikaitkan dengan sejumlah laporan bahwa banyak tentara Jepang yang dimakan oleh ribuan buaya air asin yang mengendap di rawa.

Guinness Book of World Records menyebut peristiwa ini sebagai “bencana buaya terburuk di dunia (diragukan)” Pertempuran diawali dengan Operasi Matador, serangan amfibi untuk mencaplok pelabuhan strategis Kyaukpyu (terletak di ujung utara Pulau Ramree dan selatan Akyab di seberang Hunter’s Bay) dan lapangan udara penting di dekat pelabuhan.

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  1. We guarantee that this does not influence the material we present, but may influence the positioning on our site, and only supports our efforts to offer you the best and most relevant information possible Adult dating has been going on for years and is certainly not a phenomenon that you could put down to the internet age.