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, an extraordinary booklet by Nick Griffin (then part of the NF’s leadership team) in which he accused a long list of senior colleagues (including future MEP Andrew Brons) of being state agents employed in a byzantine plot to destroy the party. Frank Hogarth, the non-nationalist axeman ………………………. Page 35 Electronic Appendices attached Web Comments; EU Money Problems; Trustee Threat to Party; Wigton Hoax; Angry Member.After his ousting from the BNP leadership in a coup by former cronies on 19th July, Griffin has – true to form – published another long and extraordinary factional diatribe denouncing his rivals. BRITISH NATIONAL PARTY Problems for the new leader – problems for us all AND THE SIMPLE SOLUTIONS An urgent report for all members of the Executive Council by Nick Griffin, BNP President CONTENTS Summary of Key Problems ………………………………………………..……… KEY PROBLEMS August that the minutes would be ‘ready by the end of this week’.The good news is that there are now sophisticated but very affordable teleconferencing systems available, complete with online project management software.Such a system can allow regular Executive meetings by phone and Internet.

SOLUTION: Adam should instruct Chris Barnett to send out the draft minutes of the EC meeting as taken on the day, immediately.

Charlie Wythe’s Leadership Handover Statement Shambles ………

We did of course agree to remove the Chairman’s power to incorporate the party, not least because I pointed that the power had been inserted purely as a last ditch defensive measure while under attack from the Equality Commission and appeared no longer to have any possible value.

Convene an EC meeting at which Adam can explain to us why he believes that we need ‘quickly’ to turn the BNP’s leadership body into a Limited Company; then have the decision to do so or not made by the party’s democratically accountable governing body.

CONSTITUTIONAL REFORM PROCESS At the start of the last Executive Council meeting, while I was still leader, Adam proposed various moves to limit the Chairman’s powers and enhance those of the EC.

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