Adult double camping ready bed

She rolled onto me and pushed herself up my body, her almost grapefruit sized tits hanging down in full view.

"Ohhhh fuck," I groaned as Jenny pulled her mouth from my cock and let my now shrinking member lay on my stomach. Opening my mouth, I drew the whole front of her breast into my mouth, teasing her already rock hard nipple with my tongue.

They said it was because the two smaller tents were easier to deal with than the big tent, but I'm pretty sure the real reason is that my mom wanted to give my dad full use of his anniversary present, her newly enhanced 38DDD's.

It was always obvious to me that my dad was a tit man, and my mom knew it. " Moments later I heard running footsteps and into the bathroom ran a girl, maybe a year or two younger than I am, completely naked except for shoes.

Authors Note: All characters in this account are of legal age and no sex acts are conducted with any persons under 18. ***** This was why I hated family vacations, or at least my parent's version of them. " I heard the one that had to be Trish answer almost angrily.

We were four days into this trip "out West", tent camping our way through Utah's national parks.

This was the third night in a row that thunderstorms had moved in right after dinner. I usually liked camping, but this trip was turning into a nightmare. I had to admit that after the discussion I'd overheard I was more than a little turned on. " She screamed before darting back out of the men's bathroom. My little sister and I were both adults, but in a lot of ways my parents still treated us like little kids instead of the eighteen and twenty that we were. I also knew another of the girls was going to be in for her phone any minute. "That's not a problem," I chucked as I answered back. Tell us when you're naked," the one called Donna said. Make that one horny as hell guy after listening to his parents fucking and listening to the girls talk about getting naked? I quickly pushed my rainsuit off, slid my shorts and underwear down and stepped out of them. A few moments later I saw a face peek around the entry door, followed hesitantly by the rest of Trish. "Oh damn," I groaned softly, forgetting that I was supposed to keep my eyes closed. " "Not really," she answered, flopping back on the bed. " "It's only eight thirty," I answered looking at my watch. "Too hot." "So don't wear anything under," I suggested. "Cool," Jenny said as we both crouched down into the little cave like space. Let's take em off," she said, unzipping the lightweight rain jacket and exposing her bare chest. You can't give her phone back until she gives you a hardon! My cock had been rock hard since they started talking about getting naked. Horny guy has to get naked to have naked girl come get her phone. " I called as I stood with her phone in one hand and the other around my hard dick. She stroked it slowly for several seconds before I felt a hot wetness close around my head. I suppose we could go out for a walk in the rain." "We'd get wet." "Rainsuits," I answered. "Hey look," I said, finding a small rock ledge that hung out over the trail, making a little shelter from the rain.

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"Uh uh," I panted, still trying to catch my breath.

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