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LSBM was proud to welcome Dr Joanna Newman MBE FRSA, Secretary General, Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU) (pictured second from the left) to our usually sun-swept meeting halls at 7 Bedford Square on Tuesday 11 July.

The ACU is not quite as old as our 'leafy haven in the midst of town', dating as it does from 1913, but it still lays claim to being the world's first international university network, with over 500 members (LSBM is proud to say that we were, in fact, the 500th!

Values - The ACU shares the values of the Commonwealth and believes in the transformational nature of higher education: its power and potential to contribute to the cultural, economic, and social development of a nation. But if they are to be more than just words, then action is required, and Dr Newman said that the ACU were running focus groups and member engagement sessions to explore what the future direction of the ACU should be, while still feeling very positive about the current direction of travel, commenting that: The good news is that the financial footing of the ACU is particularly sound, with Dr Newman pointing out that they have around £20 million available from endowments to continue their ongoing grant and scholarship work.

In addition, the organisation itself is undergoing a period of growth, with a particular emphasis on recruiting new members being one of Dr Newman's early priorities.

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The organiser of the event, Arif Zaman, Deputy Director, Centre for Research and Enterprise at LSBM (pictured far right), had brought together many leading figures from the Higher Education Academy (HEA), the UN Principles of Responsible Management Education (PRME), the Commonwealth Secretariat Education Committee, as well as leading academics at LSBM, Student Guild leaders, teachers and students to discuss how the ACU can build on its legacy of 104 years of bridging the discourse between communities and widen collaborations between international educational institutions.

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